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Just posting this so others can locate some parts if ever needed. Carrier bearings and cv joints are tough to locate if you ever have driveshaft problems. After stopping at a local shop, calling 2-3 driveline specialists, etc and getting essentially no where I found a great resource. had what I thought didn’t exist. Individual parts to service the driveshaft. And the kit I needed (was told I only need a boot) was about $95, plus $11 shipping.

compared to used shafts for 700-1000+, this will do the trick.

the damage to the driveshaft I have is from an accident and it was salvage, so not gonna be common but I know I’ve looked for links and found companies Ive used before.

the front was cvj082, and rear would be. Cvj081

pic of the back side of the torn boot.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Liquid Bicycle part

Messed up cv joint that attaches to the trans.
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Rim Nickel Automotive tire Metal Automotive wheel system

and below is a screenshot of the actual kit that will have the boot which will be used and a new cv that may or may not be used. The driveshaft shop said they could just put it together and it should be fine as long as I have the boot. Not sure if the spline count on the redeye driveshaft vs the regular ones, but if it’s the same I’ll use the new cv joint as well.
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