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DSS or Wiles

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Driveshaft... DSS or Wiles?

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Hey everyone, looking for advice. I have an original design DSS 4" aluminum driveshaft, and I wanted to know if the new design still has the old vibration issues. I also see that Wiles now has a 4' vs the 3.5". Does anyone have the new Wiles? if so, is there ANY vibration at highway speeds (60+). Looking to get as much info and recommendations as possible from people who have had both the new style DSS and new Wiles on their cars and have run the gambit with them. Thanks!
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Livernois is the better of the three options.
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Hey can you explain the difference in design besides wiles?
I know of no one that has had issues with the Livernois/CCI driveshaft, myself included. There have been reports of issues with DSS and Wiles driveshaft. Customer service is far better with Wiles than DSS though and among those two Wiles seems to have a more reliable product.
Thanks @Blkout . Does CCI make them for Livernois? Or are you saying you haven’t had/heard of issues from either of those 2?
Yes, CCI makes them for Livernois. No issues with that driveshaft.
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