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Driveshaft... DSS or Wiles?

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Hey everyone, looking for advice. I have an original design DSS 4" aluminum driveshaft, and I wanted to know if the new design still has the old vibration issues. I also see that Wiles now has a 4' vs the 3.5". Does anyone have the new Wiles? if so, is there ANY vibration at highway speeds (60+). Looking to get as much info and recommendations as possible from people who have had both the new style DSS and new Wiles on their cars and have run the gambit with them. Thanks!
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Wiles 5000 miles so far no issues. About 40 1/4 mile passes. About 8 one mile passes over 180. One 1.5 pass at 203. Zero vibration at the higher speeds.
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Yes I also spoke to Ralph Wiles twice to make sure this drive shaft would be good at 200 miles an hour.
Awesome thank you! What about at lower speeds? Do you daily the car at all? Really appreciate all the input.
Made the nine hundred mile trip to Maine in July to do the LSR event. Tire balance has never been perfect in this car with the original Pirellis or the Pilot Sport S4 on there now. I also believe the rear diff brace creates a slight resonance or vibration also. Overall the car is fairly smooth I do not believe I'm picking up any drive shaft vibration. But with that being said it is still not as smooth as my eight year old Mercedes E550
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