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DSS 1400hp Axle Install question

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DSS states on their website " This set of axles has only one problem, they do not come with the ABS / Tone rings on them, but are machined for you to easily transfer over the rings from your stock axles." Saw a video where someone mentioned to be extremely careful as you can't order ABS tone rings for the Hellcat, you'd need another OEM axle.

Is it true there is no where to order OEM ABS tone rings? Found these..wondering if they'd work. Would prefer to just put on new rings vs. mess with swapping.
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Can anyone answer this question, is it normal to be able to move the axle slightly between the hub and the diff? Meaning is there some play in there? I noticed both of mine will move slightly between the hub and diff if I grab and try to move them. I also noticed that one of my driver side axle outer CV boot is torn. It doesn't appear that the DSS axles are full of nasty grease like the stock axles. When the stock axles tear a boot, they sling grease everywhere.
There should be little to no play in the CV, a bit in the diff yes but little to nothing in the Axle. If you take the tire off and rock the brake disc back and forth watch the inner hub it should move exactly along with the disc. My DSS axels did not last very long, I just installed new ones 2 weeks ago, took all the NVH out of the rear, they where the source of the noise and vibration and only 4,000 miles old, externally they looked like new yet. They are rebuildable though. See in this video the inner hub does not move while rocking the disc back and forth? That hub should follow the disc with little to no play, hope this helps.
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In/out movement normal. Back forth play needs to be looked for in their running position where the wear in the CV grooves makes it’s spot. When removed and laying straight on the floor there is zero play in the removed ones, you would think they are perfect.
Do you notice the noise more prominent when you let off the gas?
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Do you hear any clicking starting off? Like only 2-3 clicks? I started to hear that once in a while and then Noise and vibration started when decelerating most prominent when passing down through 100 then around 60.
What did DSS say about them wearing out in 4,000 miles?
Mileage don’t matter, they where 14 months old, sorry Charlie out of warranty :(. Total rebuild on each is about $400. I bought a new set and will have these rebuilt for spares.
I get that would at least hope that isn't normal. I will be looking into better axles and was leaning towards gforce. They too have a limited warranty on wear parts
Go with the GForce, they use their own custom manufactured CV’s, DSS uses off the shelf ones. GForce hubs are one piece, machined from a solid blank, DSS are 2 piece, their splines are welded in. GForce is superior all around. If I wasn’t already roped into the DSS ones I’d buy GForce Outlaw Axles
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Well the car's back together! Those aftermarket tone rings worked but reallyy sucked to install compared to OEM. Dodge will not sell tone rings separate from the axle.
Time will tell if they last.

Glad to hear your back up and running. What was the issue with the aftermarket tone rings? I ask as my stock ones have been off and on 3 times now and was going to purchase a pair of these for my spare axles verse swapping them every time. What did they cost per pair and who’s did you use HHP?
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