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DSS Driveshaft and Cradle Lockout Kit question.

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Long story short, I got my hands on a 1-Piece DSS 4 inch driveshaft for my buddies 17 hellcat but failed to recognize that DSS requires you to have a Cradle Lockout Kit installed before installing the driveshaft. Upon further research, it looks like some people are against using the kits and don't recommend them. So my question is did all of you guys install a Cradle Lockout Kit for their driveshafts? I was going to install mine tomorrow but now I think I need this Cradle Lockout Kit. Thank you!
(The car is used 95% on the street and will be brought to the track occasionally. My friend upgraded his axels because he bent one of his oem ones on the street.)
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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