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I’m looking to possibly purchase a dual pump fuel system. I’m sure this topic has been covered multiple times but with the growing number of companies producing them; I’m not sure which to go with. Some things I’m looking for are simplicity, cost effectiveness, and time to install, essentially a full plug and play system. I’m only looking to make 800-900whp on a basic setup. With all of that; which brands would you recommend and how was the overall install?

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi @bigb96 My husband's (was known on here as @Top Cat ) Hellcat Challenger "Top Cat" had the first installed one of these. HHP had them specifically made and the testing started on Top Cat in 2016. As you read the description below it is track proven and can be used for pump, race fuels, ethanol fuels too

I'd give HHP sales a call @ 1-888-894-1115 If you are looking at the Fuel system, they could help you with the added parts needed for your wanted HP gains.:cool:

Linda :)

Racer's Top Choice! ~

The BEST Hellcat Fuel System known to man. We designed and engineered this kit and have secretly been using it since early 2016 on the fastest Hellcats in the world! Superb for pump and race gas setups and track proven many times over on low 9 and 8 second Hellcats.
Horsepower Ratings:
1600 BHP / 1300 RWHP on Gas (Pump & Race Fuels)
1100 BHP / 950 RWHP on Ethanol Fuels (E85, C85, E98, Ignite, etc.)
Kit includes:
  • Dual Walbro HELLCAT 525LPH F90000285 Fuel Pumps
  • Fore Innovations Hellcat Fuel Hat Assembly Modified For Returnless Operation
  • All Plug & Play Wiring Harness For Pumps & Controllers
  • All Necessary Fuses & Relays
  • Fuel Pump Variable Pressure Controller
  • Instructions for easy installation
Installation Time: approx. 3 Hours

Optional In-line 88mm Filter Kit:
*Designed for use with the HHP.HC.FUEL kit to add fine filtration back into the fuel system to protect your injectors and your engine
  • Fore Innovations 88mm Fuel Filter Assembly
  • Stainless Reusable Filter Element (E85 and Gasoline Friendly)
  • Fore Innovations Billet Mounting Bracket
  • All Required Fore Innovations Lines & Fittings
Installation Time: approx. 0.5 Hours
This Product Fits Vehicles:

  • 2015+ Dodge Charger Hellcat
  • 2015+ Dodge Challenger Hellcat
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