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I'm experiencing a strange moaning/groaning noise coming from the engine bay on my Durango Hellcat. I've taken it to the dealership but was told it's normal "exhaust noise", so I just want to see if anyone has any insight into whether this is a normal Hellcat sound. Here are the characteristics of the noise:
  • I started noticing it at around 300 miles
  • Only occurs when the truck is at operating temperature
  • Occurs between 1,800 - 3,000 RPMs
  • Sounds like it's coming from the front passenger side of the engine bay
  • Not driveline noise (does it in D, N, P)
  • Independent of the supercharger
  • Is loudest under light throttle and coming down the RPMs while decelerating
Any input would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
Take a video and post it on here. otherwise its a guessing game friend.
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