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Dynomax question

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Hello all, I Tried searching and could find any results on my specific question. I purchased 2 dynomax bullets #24250 and plan on putting them in place of the mufflers on my 2016 charger hellcat.

It seems like there are a lot of options on what set up to use with these. I can put these in place of the mid muffler and keep the rear resonators or remove the resonators. I can cut the mid muffler and rear resonators off and put them in place of the rear resonators. I can keep the mid muffler and put them in place of the rear resonators.

I am interested in cutting off the mid and rears and putting the bullets where the rear resonators go. Would putting the bullets farther back towards the tips vs the mid muffler cause less cabin noise? I am looking for a setup that’s noticeably louder than stock but not obnoxious and/or raspy. Thanks in advance!
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Replaced mine as the mid muffs. and kept the resos. Resos. help against drone I believe. They get better sounding with a few miles on too. I’ve since added Kooks long tubes and holy cow. Really nice old school rumble now.
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