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E85 + 1100CC Injectors

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I'm considering upgrading to run E85 on my 16 HC Challenger. Currently, I'm running 1100cc DW Injectors.

My questions: Do I need to go with a bigger injector?
This setup would be lower and upper pullies with aggressive tune. I'd like to be tuned to right around 950 whp.
I know that getting north of 1000 will require the bigger injectors, but that's down the road a way.

My fuel pump - What is the best setup to go with? Future goals is north of 1000 whp.
I'd rather invest now in the fuel system and not have to go down that road in the future.

Future goals also include stroking to 426 + whipple, but that will come in time.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Guys. I called DW and asked them if they have injectors larger than the 1100cc. They do. 1500cc and 2200cc. The 1500cc are $1589 and the 2200cc are $1569.

My tuner likes the DW injectors. Question - If I did order the 2200 cc, which should cover any application that I can afford, can they be tuned for good street drive ability? Idle issues?
Injectors are for sure a go bigger. How about the fuel pump. Lots of options out there. In reading what I have found, I believe I'd like to go with the Fore tripple pump setup. Any suggestions on which setup to go with? Something that will handle up to 1200 whp range
Good morning all. Any input on fuel pump setup? double Fore pump vs triple pump...... Return vs Return less system??
So if I went with the Fore drop in dual pump setup, it's rated for up to 950 whp.

Could a person add a boost a pump to get more out of this setup down the road if more fuel is needed?
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I went with L2 Fore Triple pump return system and DW 2200cc injectors. My tuner said those will idle fine and would have enough capacity for anything that I will ever want to do.

My plan - Hot tune with E85 for street driving. I do not daily drive the car. It sees maybe 100 miles a week.
2nd tune: Very aggressive race tune using E112

Question: What upper pulley sizes do you think I can go with on the tunes?

2016 M6 Narrow Body Challenger

Currently I am spraying straight methanol - 872 whp.

Mods include 10% lower, 2.95 upper, cat delete, B Woody CAI, JLT Catch can, 180F Thermostat, pinned crank.
Supporting Mods: DSS Carbon fibers drive shaft, drive shaft safety loop, DIRS differential brace, 1400 hp axles, 17" bead locks with MT ET Street/R,
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Thank you Linda. I do appreciate the updates from hhp on sales. Fuel pump was ordered from hhp
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What are you guys doing on the modded M6 transmissions?

RSG is one that a few like
There's another I believe - Tick Performance?

I would really like to find a used M6 tranny to send out an have built... If anyone knows of one... Let me know??

I am running the McCleod 1200 hp clutch. Not a fan so far, but it hasn't slipped at current whp.

I've looked at the graphs.

If a person leaves their rear diff stock at 3.70
Would it make sense to run the 2.98 / 2.1 / 1.43 gear setups?
If a person goes to 3.90 rear diff - Is that too low?

I'm running 305/45/17 MT ET Street/r
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can you tell me more about pinning the coupling?
Where can I order parts? Sounds like good insurance.

killer chiller vs FI Interchiller…
$1100 vs $2650
Lots of good about FI…
Mixed reviews on KC from a few years back
Anyone running KC these days with good reviews?
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