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E85 + 1100CC Injectors

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I'm considering upgrading to run E85 on my 16 HC Challenger. Currently, I'm running 1100cc DW Injectors.

My questions: Do I need to go with a bigger injector?
This setup would be lower and upper pullies with aggressive tune. I'd like to be tuned to right around 950 whp.
I know that getting north of 1000 will require the bigger injectors, but that's down the road a way.

My fuel pump - What is the best setup to go with? Future goals is north of 1000 whp.
I'd rather invest now in the fuel system and not have to go down that road in the future.

Future goals also include stroking to 426 + whipple, but that will come in time.

Thanks in advance.

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So if I went with the Fore drop in dual pump setup, it's rated for up to 950 whp.

Could a person add a boost a pump to get more out of this setup down the road if more fuel is needed?
Yes you will need bigger injectors as E-85 needs to flow through quicker. And yes a Fuel pump change best for safety compared to a BAP

Do yourself a favor and sign up for the HHP VIP member, so that you will get a text for the Sales info.

HHP's Veteran Owned Joshua Schwartz will be having Memorial Day Savings Sale.

Josh does E85 Tuning but only in house.

The Experience and Knowledge for the parts and Supporting parts are available.

I would give HHP sales a call to get a package for your E-85 Build.

"Interested in a performance packager for your Gen 3 HEMI?
Contact us!
[email protected]
888-894-1115 "

Enjoy All The Fasssst Fun!
Linda :)
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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