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E85 with Water/Methanol kit Question

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I’ve looked online as well as this forum, but I’m having trouble finding much info using a water/methanol kit in conjunction with E85. Maybe for good reason…I’m just hoping someone that has knowledge and experience with this let me know whether or not it’s worth while. I do plan on tuning for the water/methanol kit, if that matters. Thank you!
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I run water on my 70 fury with an efi turbo 383 on 93 octane gas. I wouldn't expect to need water or to get a big benefit when on pure e85?
That's pretty 'pure' since it can be as low as 50%, in IL at least.
I wouldn't expect it to cool it more. Do you know what your air intake temp is now?
At 80 degrees ambient, my IAT’s are at about 100-110 degrees.
At what boost?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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