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EBaY sales of Hellcats

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I urge all of you fellow members to go on Ebay and send a nice little "Kiss our ass" send off to these crooked dealers that are trying to gouge buyers. Enjoy your allocations while you got them you scam artists! I don't begrudge anyone from making a buck, but really?? Go F*** yourself and your dealership! Honest hard working people want to buy these cars and your trying to stick them where the sun don't shine.. What a joke of a business! Wake up, theres reputible dealers selling them all day at MSRP..
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I've noticed alot of them trying to sell at $80K or higher are not selling and being relisted multiple times. Others with a reserve are only going to about $70k-ish ($5-$10k over MSRP) and still not meeting reserve.. They really are not selling on there so these dealers are having them sit in thier inventory.

Hopefully Dodge is punishing them by not giving them more allocations as they stated they would.
"F" anyone trying to mark up this car over sticker, one of the best BS stories was the guy who claimed his wife was having a coniption because he bought a hellcat. Now he has to sell it for way more than he paid. Thats right blame it on the wife. True definition of "p" whipped or should I say Hell Cat whipped.
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