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ECTA Spring Fling Blytheville Arkansas.

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Red_Cat finally twisted my arm and I had to attend the recent event just to give it a shot.

Wow, what a great time! Pretty windy both days I was there but Mother Nature always holds the cards and you deal with it anyway.

It was great to finally meet Andy W (a class act) and talk/learn from his vast experiences with runway racing. I felt the event was well organized (considering the weather) and everyone was very courteous with short lines to reel off almost limitless runs. I look forward to next Spring and along the way I’m finally going to go E85. Got to keep up with those darn Auto 8’s somehow.

Included a video of some of my runs and the cars that showed up. I would recommend checking ECTA out maybe this fall if your on the fence. I’ll be back next year as my schedule is full up to the Loring event in August where I look forward to meeting those folks.

Only one other Hellcat anything showed up and he drove all the way from NYC. Great guy too!

Thanks again for the awesome photos too Andy!
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Here are some photos taken across from the 1.24 Mile (2km) traps by Andy. Obviously there’s some hood deflection and fascia distortion at almost 189mph. Little things to work on! Thank you again so much Andy for this unique opportunity to see the aerodynamic forces on the car (and of course something to blow up and stick on a wall!)
Vehicle Tire Hood Automotive tire Wheel

WOW! 😊 There’s a lot of excitement on the Standing anything board. Just kidding.🤪

For you eagle eye viewers of the still photos (namely the first). You’ll notice what 189mph going into a headwind of about 20mph can do to stock Hellcat Aluminum hood. Take a close look-

Also notice the cars “Beak” is lifting up and I can only imagine what is going on with the cars Cd at this moment. Good thing is that the forward belly pan is staying in position but I do notice the car is lifting almost an inch from its ride height while the rear is dropping the same. This is on a car that is stock height too.

Just thought I’d share that with all of you for some food for thought. When I go to Maine I have some ideas I’d like to incorporate into the front along with the factory hood pins I’ll be installing ahead of time.

Now if they (hood pins) could only get here. I’ve been waiting almost two weeks for them to arrive so I can install them.

Once again thanks for taking these photos Andy.

“The world is your Dyno and sometimes your Wind Tunnel. What you chose to do with the data can be beneficial or hurt your efforts…You have options.”
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Hi Spindoctor - same for the other HC there; the hood corners lifting and the "beak" opening up at the Mile marker!
Thanks again Andy for the great photos of James and I that day- My Mopar hoodpins are expected to be here today and I’ll install them this weekend.
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