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El Gato has arrived in Big D!

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Great day. Bright White Charger arrived late yesterday afternoon. Just a few miles on her so far, what an animal. Taking it very easy, but can feel the incredible power. Hands down, 'the' best exhaust (much louder than I thought it would be) EVER on a vehicle. Heard the supercharger 'whine' with the exhaust --was grinning ear to ear. Absolutely love this car. What a bargain considering the engine, interior, stereo, everything. Love the brass monkeys, get asked a lot about them.

First mod from my wife. Says this little guy looks like my car. The force is with me now wherever I go. Happy Mother's Day out there in Hellcat Land.


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Congratulations and VERY nice to see another Cat in Texas! I am your neighbor to the west, Home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers!
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