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I got a ETC ( Electronic Throttle Control) Warning light last niht leaving work. Getting on the Hwy, Full throttle, the display suggested a malfunction then the CEL goes on. I do not have an after market Throttle Body. I do have pulleys upper and lower, CAI, injectors, tuned and plugs, I run meth. Im sure that none of that is the issue. This is the first CEL I have gotten since I have had my engine work done in October.

I did have my onboard Dyno on. After the warning light and the CEL, I did notice that my boost gauge was not reading at all. all it read was -- those dashes. Truck still felt strong had boost but not reading. Pulled over in a parking lot and used my Diablo hand tuner to clear the code. Restarted the car and Boost read again. no other issues to report.

can anyone tell me what that ECT warning light represents? and if it were to continue what the remedy would be?

Any thoughts appreciated.
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