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Engine controller needed for original engine harness. SRT - Drift adaptation to BMW

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As in the title, I am interested in the purchase of the engine controller for 6.2 HellCat, it will be installed in the BMW Z4. Do you have the original driver available which would be the best or something for tuning? I will be grateful for your help.
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馃槇 org ECU
Are you looking for this? 77072452ae (Part #) or just a Hellcat PCM?
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Thank you very much for your help, I'm so happy. When I finish the project, I will paste photos of how my heart works. If you are in Poland, I invite you for a test drive;)
Happy to help! If you have an instagram. Would love to see the progress of your build. Or you can post your progress by starting a thread on the build Sub forum. :)
If you buy this (77072452ae) the FUEL PUMP controller will be Included in the body harness it comes with. If you only have this 05035568AF <- that is only the engine harness and it doesn鈥檛 contain the fuel pump harness or module. The module is this 68193711AC. Which comes in this package (77072452ae). Because you are swapping the engine into a non dodge car. The (77072452ae) is recommended because it contains the Fuse box and can bus system for an easy swap.
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Thank you very much for the numbers and confirmation of my doubts. I ran into a problem because MOPAR refuses to ship outside the US.
If you鈥檇 like reach out to Steve white motor, maybe he can order one and then charge you for international shipping. Or you can see if anyone here had one that they can part with, and ship it overseas.
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