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I see a lot of youtube vids with people cutting the mid muffler out. I did this with my charger but was thinking about getting an actual exhaust. Has anyone done any long tube headers or actual mid muffler delete bolt on kits?

I see Stainless works does a header for the trackhawk but they dont have anything listed for the Durango Hellcat. They do have a SRT Durango header but its for the 6.4l so not sure if that would work. I guess i could just wait a bit until people start making stuff but i am impatient lol.

Also GT haus has a full catback exhaust for the HC durango. Was thinking about getting their resonator delete section if it bolted right up to the stainless works long tube headers from either their trackhawk pack or the SRT6.4 durango pack if that may fit?

Any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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