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Exhaust problems

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Took my 2017 charger hellcat into the Dodge dealership for a recall on O2 sensor. So they replaced both cats and sensors got my car back and sounds like the exhaust is muffled and not running right took it back to them with the same check engine light on and they said the sound could be the new cats puts on! (Catalytic) Answers please!!!!!
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The code you posted is specific to the cats. However, being that everything just got swapped out, maybe they swapped in a bad o2? Things like that happen. I would think you would get other codes if it was the connection, typically voltage type alerts. Does the exhaust have a funky smell? If it feels like it lost power, you swapped the cats, I mean the list starts getting pretty short right?

You never know, parts get damaged all the time. Just because its new out of the box does not mean it can not have a issue. I would just take it back and have them pod it and watch the o2 sensor output. Might see one side not acting right.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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