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Exhaust Review (Borla and ARHs catless midpipe)

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So several months back I did a review of my Boral S type exhaust with active valves. This is a follow-up to my completed exhaust system with tips/tricks and issues/fixes.

American Racing Headers Catless Midpipe using Fasthemi's O2 restrictor fitting with adjustable jets (used middle setting as per directions) and they were the straight non-angled set.

Install: about 4 hours requiring welding (see blow) using a lift.


1) The connection between the midpipe and catback (mine being borla S) would not seat all the way; even using a exhaust pipe expander. Thus, my exhaust tips stuck out about 1.5 inches further than stock. I called ARH and they said this was due to the aftermarket catback. The fix was to cut the borla just after the valve actuators and reweld. I cut far enough back that even if the actuators messed up (again), I could send the actuators back to Borla for replacement. Note, first actuators developed rattle after 2 months, and I believe this was a 1st gen borla S as it was pretty much the only set available without having to wait 6-8 weeks. Borla quickly sent replacement parts.

2) Check engine light came on after 50 miles. Scan = p2098 coming from passenger side. I tried to reach underneath car and could not feel a leak. I even tried to hold a piece of notebook paper up to connection to see if it would move, and still nothing. Finally, when I got home I was able to get underneath car and found a leak blowing toward the front of the car, very slight but there. We took midpipe off and reseated it. 50 miles later, same light indicating leak on same side came back on again. I called ARH and they asked if I used a high temp silicone-based sealant on the connection. Which I said "no". They stated they use it on EVERY one they do. So that's what I did, small amount. 3000 miles later (3 months), and its still working like a charm.

Overall Impression:

1) Startup = Quite loud, but once it idles down its noticeable louder than stock but not overwhelming. Borla S-type was not enough to brag about, needed a little more.

2) Cruising = 60 mph = perfect, like practically stock sounding in cab. 72+ mph = very noticeable exhaust as valves are slightly opened. On long road trips may be annoying to some. I drive 47 miles to work (one way) with the last 20 miles all intersate, and it does not bother me. And using bluetooth, no one can hear the exhaust at even 78 mph.

3) Wide open = Very loud. Cant hear supercharger whine unless windows are down.

Conclusion = "My" perfection has been reached.


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I know this is super old but any clips of the exhaust?
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