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Exhaust Valve Actuators

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I have the flow master outlaw kit on my 2016 M6 challenger. I have followed the video and my car is still throwing codes like it’s not recognizing the fake valves. How do I check my actuators and see if they are good or not? I am thinking I have a bad valve. When I unplug them they make a noise when I plug them back in but I dont see they are moving.
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You could get these and just do away with them:
Thank you, do you know if this will allow the car to pass smog?
Have no idea what all the smog man can and cannot see when he plugs in but those ^^^ things trick the system into thinking the actuators are still there and functional. Why would it not pass smog as a result?
I haven’t had to deal with it yet but I’m sure I will next year. Next year is my seventh year on in the car so I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to smog it. As long as it tricks the computer I’m sure it will work. I’m going to try one last thing before I purchase them. I could have put the actuators on the wrong side when installing the exhaust I do see they have separate part numbers.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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