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Exhaust Valve Actuators

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I have the flow master outlaw kit on my 2016 M6 challenger. I have followed the video and my car is still throwing codes like it’s not recognizing the fake valves. How do I check my actuators and see if they are good or not? I am thinking I have a bad valve. When I unplug them they make a noise when I plug them back in but I dont see they are moving.
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You could get these and just do away with them:
Off topic but man I wish these were cheaper or there was a way to select the valves through the tazer menu if you had both of these. That way you could keep the valves in track while in sport mode but could use the replacement buttons to switch them to street mode when needed. It's my biggest complaint about them is we have no manual way of controlling them except getting rid of them completely.
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I would use their cost as a excuse to unlock my puter and get a tune if I were you : )
I have a 10yr/100k warranty or I would absolutely do this. I'm hoping the 392 stage kits allow for some fun.
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