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Hello World!
It's been a good while since I've been the "new guy" anywhere - but here I am. I've long been into sports/muscle cars and I've owned a plethora of them over the past 30 years. A Fox/SN 5.0 Mustang guy in the late 80's - early 2K's. The past decade and a 1/2 being deep into the LSx/LTx world. The previous 8 years or so, I've owned some form of a Corvette. An overly modified C6 GrandSport (made 918 to the tires), followed by another GS (kept it about 2 months) and finally a C7 Z06 - which I sold just this past Wednesday. I hardly ever drove it (2016 with under 21K on the odometer when sold) and I grew tired of the awkward egress/regress inherit to the low slung design of the car. Also, with the hooplah over the new C8 and the outrageous mark ups dealers are charging (upwards of $25K is the average) for a damn base model Vette, I felt I better take the money and run - while the value of the car was still somewhat respectable - based on the fact that the C8 is so hard to obtain - but that will change.
I had been intrigued/interested in the HC's since they were first introduced. I mean, no matter what brand you may be a "fanboi" of, there's something enticing about over 700 HP - from the factory with a warranty! I'm not much of a brand loyalist (Brands aren't loyal to me - why should I be to them) I just didn't find the Challenger visually appealing enough to warrant more than passing interest. That is until I noticed the wide bodied versions of the HC's. I started to look at reviews, that lead me to look at pricing and before I knew it ... I was deep into the proverbial rabbit hole.
I'm now up late, on my phone scouring the interweb of car sites looking for a low mileage HC WB in the maroon/cranberry color family. There is nothing of note, within 500 miles Amarillo, not at price I was willing to pay. I expand the search to Nationwide one evening and I find what it is I was seeking @ Koon in Virginia, an Octane Red 2020 with just 1400 miles for $62K. I reach out and get a pseudo reply, without much info, the following day. In between response/replies from Koons (the original Internet sales guy was a joke at best ... more on that later). Eventually (after a few emails/calls) I get a salesman interested in trying to sell me the car I inquired about. Saturday afternoon we iron out the particulars, agree to the numbers and they plan to overnight me the papers to sign and send back. Later on that evening, I to delve deeper in the rabbit hole - continuing to gather info/data until late into the night. Perusing various forums and see many a post when searching for Koons and find out they are a major player in the HC game. After reading more post than I care to count, mostly relating to out the door deals. I came to the conclusion that with rebates/offers from FCA, I'd only be out $3200 extra buying a new HC as opposed to the used model I was eyeing. I get in touch with my Sales Advisor early this morning and send him some models I found on Koons site to find out if they were available. If so, get me the best numbers and lets make it happen.
Well, Scott did as I asked and now I'm the owner of a new 2020 Challenger HellCat Wide Body Octane Red. I'm going to fly into Dulles on Wednesday and take a long, winding road trip back to Texas.
Scott sent me a video message Click Me Click Me of which I edited for time and added a bit of content to (images, transitions etc) in order to make it a bit more interesting.
I'm pretty excited, which is abnormal for me as I'm usually the "it's just another car " guy.
Long diatribe but Thanks for reading :cool:


19 Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody
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I have an Octane Red 19 REWB and it took me a while to find a good deal on one used.
I didnt want to pay the new sticker price, so it took some searching around to find what i wanted.
Im picky and didnt want a car someone had beat on.

Ive done the wandering Horse Power lifestyle too. My dad and brother were into Fords and Fox-bodies in the 80s and 90s,
Then i got into LSs also in the 2000s and had an 05 GTO, 15 Camaro 1LE, and now a Hellcat.
I tell myself this is the first car i wont have to modify in order to go as fast as i want..................

Dodge did the Hellcat right. Styling, attitude and even the engine looks mean.

You will love the drive home in your new Hellcat. That will be epic.
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