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Fairly balanced wear on tires, tire pressures

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I was running 45 PSI front, 35 or 40 rear, the tread depth went (from outer edge, center inner) 4mm, 4mm, 4mm or so in the rear, 5mm, 4mm,4.something mm in front

So, seeing that the front had what could be identified as a SLIGHTLY greater wear degree in the center, I lowered the fronts to 37. If the wear pattern was just a slope along front from outside to inside, well, that is normal for the Hellcat, but it showed less wear on inner edge than on center, so that indicated I could drop the pressure on front. What's not to like? More traction, more even wear.

Also, I don't believe I will get Nitto Motivos for next summer. I want something stickier for the summer. The Mickey Thompsons never squeaked, even in cooler weather, MUCH cooler, but these do, which is unimpressive. They also spin more easily. I wonder if age factors in, as they are around 2 years old.

This is fun, if you WANT it to happen.
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