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FAS Billet 2.4 Blower Inlet Plate

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Brand new in box yet FAS 2.4 Blower Inlet plate. Bolt on a dyno proven 50 HP and broader torque curve. See dyno sheet. This is my M6 Hellcat on 93 with plate installed and before plate was installed, solid 50 HP gain and look how much longer torque holds on for (there’s 2 pulls there, one right over the top of the other, not a fluke) These plates can no longer be purchased for self installation, they are $1000 plus installation and shipping costs. They are not hard to install with the right instructions which I can provide, I’ve successfully installed a few of them, one running on my 2.4 blower currently still. Produces 17.75-18 psi of boost with a 2.85 upper and stock lower pulley. $950 firm plus shipping and any fees, PayPal preferred.
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Meh. I'd rather make money on it myself.

I was in the middle of pointing out the physics on how to improve the blower in general, but, I'd rather just do it myself.

Nice blower plate.
I will let this much go: any trailing edge of any aero body that is not a razor-sharp edge is wasting power through drag. This includes support for bearings. You will notice planes have sharp edges on the trailing edges of their wings, not 0.4x the maximum CSA.
If they went with Vascomex or other high-thermal-expansion steel, they could make the support blades really thin, also, but expansion rates would have to be such not to monkey with one's lobe clearances.

With aluminum billet, one could do the basic fin shapes and tidy them up, then heat treat the thing before doing final fine machining of the mating surfaces and the bearing pockets/clearances.

This is free knowledge, but I notice it gets largely ignored in the Rush To Market Profits.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts