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FCA extended Warranty

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I received the letter below in the mail yesterday.
Looks like it is the same as most that have already been posted.

No Lifetime Warranty for Hellcats.
Also they are having a price increase on May 11th.

7 year or 70k miles
Bumper to bumper
towing, rental, and trip interruption included

I was quoted:
$100 deductible = $2860
10% down and $107.25 a month @ 24 months

$0 Deductible = $3850
10% down and $144.38 a month @ 24 months

He did say there is 1 company that offers a lifetime Warranty the dealers use.
Of course he *HIGHLY* recommended checking it out carefully.

He said anyone within the mileage constraints can call and purchase.
As for me I am thinking about it...

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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