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FFS Can someone help me 6 piston to 4 piston

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I’m reading the threads on here but they’re all half assed bs. Have any of you went from 6 pistons to having 18” demon wheels fit? Y’all can talk smack, I just know what’s stupid and what’s not. I currently have a widebody redeye, I so badly want a superstock for the wheels and I would never settle for the fakes 20s. My Hellcat that’s 3/4s paid off and a $708 payment goes up to $1499 and that’s the cheapest superstock available. I called all 29 dealerships on car gurus and some why on earth would I pay double for wheels... well I still want them is there any way ?
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Yes, knuckles are the same, it's a straight bolt on. Get the 2021 Scat Pack 4-piston calipers, these are the new design and are solid lightweight aluminum monoblock, these same calipers were used on Demon and they look way better than the previous 4-piston calipers, they almost look like 6-pistons at first glance.

Then you'll need Scat Pack 14.2" rotors and that's it.

Here's the new 4-piston calipers on a 1320, wheels are 20's but 18's will clear.

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