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FI blower spacers

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Did a search and really only finding old threads on them mainly with early feedback on them. Seems like several people have been running them. About to pull the trigger and wanting to see if those long time users are still happy and would do them again. My IAT is constantly 150+ (even in only 80-90 degree days) as traffic sucks royally and I think my SC is just heat soaking. My intercooler Temps are normally pretty good (20 or so degrees above ambient) but IAT never really comes back close to that after sitting in traffic for a while.
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Good to know. Thought timing was based off IAT's from those sensors. So I guess the concensus now is not really worth it? When I pull the SC for a pulley change I'll install a heat shield blanket and skip the plates if that's the case.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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