I have 2 sets of injectors for sell both are like new

First set (SOLD) is FIC 1200 with less than 1k miles on them. These do include the adaptor clips, as you can see in the pictures a couple of them have one side of the clip. This is pictures of the actual FIC 1200's below.
(SOLD) Asking $650 shipped to you.

Second set is FIC 1650 with only 2 passes down the drag strip. I upgraded to a triple fuel pump and thought these would be enough, I was to close to being maxed out on capacity in the 1/4 mile. Keep in mind my truck is a full race truck running race E85 only and not street driven. I think I have a box, but maybe not the foam in pictures below. Injectors look exactly the same as pictures attached. I will pack them with extra care.
Asking $1,050 shipped to you