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Finally got an answer on allocation

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According to the head cheese himself (TK), dealers are only getting 1 allocation a month for sold orderds for hellcat's regardless of whether it is a challenger or charger. Until the backlog from summer orders goes down that is the process they are following.

At least it is an answer (not one I like)
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Who knows, this is the internet. Anything is possible. I might be friggin' Lee Iacocca for all you know.

Hell, maybe it was my idea to shut down the whole sha-bang until you ingrates show some respect and the crooked dealers stop playing the customers against the Company.
You mean those crooked dealers who are selling the Hellcats at a markup????

And you say you know Dodge only planned on building 2500 units...and it was common knowledge......Really??
Then why the Hell did FCA keep the system open and take over 9000 orders? (as per Tim K)
FCA also could have easily shut down the system after 2500 orders....right?????

You can blame dealers all you want...FCA screwed up by accepting orders they couldn't fill, and having an allocation system that sucked so bad they kept changing it.
An allocation system, by the way, that was rewarding those crooked dealers who mark up Hellcats.
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Let's operate off your pre-edit post there, Hemi Dave:


"You mean those crooked dealers who are selling the Hellcats at a markup????
And you say you know dodge only planned on building 2500 units? Then well the Hell did they keep the system open and take over 9000 orders (as per Tim K)
You can blame dealers all you want...FCA screwed up by accepting orders they couldn't fill.
They could have easily shut down the system after 2500 orders....right?????"

I don't agree with dealers selling above MSRP, but then again I assume you know what 'MSRP' stands for, don't you? I'll lay out the acronym for ya: Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

Not MMRP (Manufacturers Mandated Retail Price).

The dealers have the right to do that if they want to and if they offend perspective customers by doing so, they do so at their own risk (to their reputation and/or customer goodwill).

1) Yes, it was common knowledge that the first production was going to be 2500 units.

In a big dealer network you can have a landslide of orders fairly quickly on something like this. This level of demand was never expected.

2) You were expecting the Dodge IT department to have a software kill switch in place once order number 2500 hit the system and shut it down?

But again, Dodge management isn't a crooked bunch and there's certainly anxiety over the way things played out that they wish they would have anticipated. Do you really think they don't care about their customers?

3)No one is perfect.

4) Dodge is actively seeking out Hellcat customers to discuss their Hellcat buying experience to in an effort to improve it.

5)They're a GREAT company, so give them a break.

6) Again, if your dealer took your deposit and didn't explain to you how many cars he expected to get and where you're at in line then your issue is with your dealer, not Dodge. Capisce?
Hmmm. Where do I start????

1) 2500 units was common knowledge??
2500 units was such "common knowledge" that even the FCA dealerships didn't know it? That even Tim K didn't know it??
A great company wouldn't let that happen....
Room for improvement #1

2) So I guess you are saying the "Software Kill Switch" only works after you hit 9000 accepted orders when you can only fill 2500?
That's an excellent public relations move. (Sarcasm in full effect)
A great company wouldn't let that happen.
Room for improvement #2

3) No one is perfect?

That's what Bill Clinton said after "Lewinsky Gate"........FAIL...
A great company doesn't answer criticism like that.
Room for improvement #3 (Assuming you are FCA employee)

4) So Dodge is actively seeking out Hellcat customers to discuss the buying (waiting?) experience?

They just have to read social media to see how that's going....and they have.
Just a PR ploy....obvious....if it's even true. ....
And what's a Hellcat customer? VON's, VIN's, only car delivered or all of the above?
A great company wouldn't think this action would really help the overwhelming bad social media on this issue.
Room for improvement #4

5) Great company?

All I will say is the Hellcat rollout has been anything but "GREAT"

6) My dealer didn't take a deposit from me, and he said he didn't know how many Hellcats he would get.
He also didn't say it was limited to 2500.
I have my VON and am waiting like the majority of the Hellcat customers.
We are eagerly waiting for FCA to call us to ask how our buying experience has been .......Capische?............
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Yes Hemi Dave, I do Capische - you have never worked in a top management capacity in a Fortune 500 company and do not have a background that would enable you to understand the inertia of a big ship.

Yes - GREAT company!
So your excuse is that you are a big Fortune 500 company so it gives you a pass?

I have busted drug dealers that are better managed....Seriously....They wont take an order for 9lbs of heroin if they can only deliver 2.5lbs.

You don't have a background in law enforcement so you wouldn't understand. :)
That's correct officer - and I have no pride issues with admitting that I know nothing about your line of work.

But help me out here, if it's so easy to bust those big Heroin dealers, why is there so much damn heroin on the streets? Do you guys just suck at what you do?

I'm not trying to be a Dick with you, but do you get the point? If it was easy, no doubt both issues (the Hellcat mess and the Heroin mess) would have been fixed long ago - don't you think?
Horrible comparison.........

If we could just close down the process like FCA there would be no drugs.
But unlike FCA we have no control over that........ so that makes your companies predicament self inflicted thru mismanagement.
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you made the comparison, not me.

who says I work for FCA? I might be Lee Iacocca, remember? I retired a few years back and started writing. I highly recommend 'Where Have All The Leaders Gone' - one of my better works...

do you really think FCA has control over 2500 dealers business practices? My guess would be that after this debacle there might be a 'come to Jesus'....

.............and I might be a remorseful Tim K trying to repent for my Hellcat sins..............
Ooh, ooh, ooh - it's that sarcasm thing again!

So you don't think Dodge management feels bad about this situation?

Do you think the poor innocent 'enthusiastic' dealers feel bad about the situation?

Sins are conscious and intentional...
FCA just better make it right......"Lee"
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