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Finally got an answer on allocation

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According to the head cheese himself (TK), dealers are only getting 1 allocation a month for sold orderds for hellcat's regardless of whether it is a challenger or charger. Until the backlog from summer orders goes down that is the process they are following.

At least it is an answer (not one I like)
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Ok ok ok. This whole situation sucks. Truth be told there's probably blame on both ends (FCA and dealers).
If there was going to be only 2,500 made then that should of been "common knowledge" to all. There could of been an "off switch" at 2,500 and they could of put a dash plaque 1 of 2,500 and so on.

There could of been an order page specific to this car advising dealers with a count down of units available etc. once an order was accepted by FCA. Then dealers only take deposits once an order has been confirmed.

I think everyone was surprised or caught blind sided by the amount of orders this quickly. But I certainly don't blame those that ordered.

But all the shady dealers out there are making all look bad. On a site today I saw one listed at $106K but after "savings" it was $96K. That just shows you that some of these dealers think we're all idiots. Wasn't like Dodge clearly stated the MSRP was $59,995 all over the web and articles.

So quit fighting between each other, sit down, have a coke and enjoy the wait.:cool:;)
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1 - 2 of 321 Posts
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