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Finally got an answer on allocation

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According to the head cheese himself (TK), dealers are only getting 1 allocation a month for sold orderds for hellcat's regardless of whether it is a challenger or charger. Until the backlog from summer orders goes down that is the process they are following.

At least it is an answer (not one I like)
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RS recently said 2017 got the green light. Do the math and calculate how many will be made through the 2017 MY. Dodge may not be able to keep up with demand for 2015 and there will certainly be a lot of customers who have a 2015 VON by the time 2016s are made (I'm expecting to be one of them)... BUT... If you can be patient enough, you WILL get a Hellcat. I think they completely underestimated the demand, but they intend to do everything they can to get one to everyone who wants one (like building them through 2017).
Like they have done with the Jeep SRT....expect a modest price increase for 2016 and 2017 too.
How much of a price increase did the SRT Jeeps see?
Let's operate off your pre-edit post there, Hemi Dave:


"You mean those crooked dealers who are selling the Hellcats at a markup????
And you say you know dodge only planned on building 2500 units? Then well the Hell did they keep the system open and take over 9000 orders (as per Tim K)
You can blame dealers all you want...FCA screwed up by accepting orders they couldn't fill.
They could have easily shut down the system after 2500 orders....right?????"

I don't agree with dealers selling above MSRP, but then again I assume you know what 'MSRP' stands for, don't you? I'll lay out the acronym for ya: Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

Not MMRP (Manufacturers Mandated Retail Price).

The dealers have the right to do that if they want to and if they offend perspective customers by doing so, they do so at their own risk (to their reputation and/or customer goodwill).

Yes, it was common knowledge that the first production was going to be 2500 units.

In a big dealer network you can have a landslide of orders fairly quickly on something like this. This level of demand was never expected. You were expecting the Dodge IT department to have a software kill switch in place once order number 2500 hit the system and shut it down?

But again, Dodge management isn't a crooked bunch and there's certainly anxiety over the way things played out that they wish they would have anticipated. Do you really think they don't care about their customers?

No one is perfect.

Dodge is actively seeking out Hellcat customers to discuss their Hellcat buying experience to in an effort to improve it. They're a GREAT company, so give them a break.

Again, if your dealer took your deposit and didn't explain to you how many cars he expected to get and where you're at in line then your issue is with your dealer, not Dodge. Capisce?
Black Cat,

What do you think should be done (or is being done) to fix this whole mess? How should Dodge go about choosing cars to build and should it try to fulfill most/all of the VONs? Should it stick with the allocation system or try something new? I'm tired of pointing fingers for blame and I am more interested in figuring out how the mess will be cleaned up. Share your opinion...
Heroin is not a good example. Create a new super drug and try to guess what the demand will be. Estimate based on super drugs that have come out previously that you should only produce 2500 units of said drug. You get blindsided when 9000 units of your super drug are demanded. You don't have the ability to kick up your production... So you tell your "dealers" that you are using an allocation system... The high volume dealers get some of the super drug and whoever moves it the fastest gets more. What else can be done? I don't see anything that can be done other than perhaps more transparency with your dealers and customers to let them know that production is, in fact, limited (based on demand).
Well he accomplished one goal... We are all certainly interested and talking about it. Now to get those cars in our hands!

I know there are practical limits to production of any vehicle, and it's safe to assume there will only be a finite demand for the Hellcat... But to boldly state that there is no limit and that he want them in the hands of enthusiasts means Dodge had better step up and build as many as they get orders for.

My guess is that they do plan to make good on their promise and build cars for all of us (as long as their dealer followed the original allocation rules) but it will take longer to build them since they can't build them any faster. From what I've heard, 2016 and 2017 hellcats are a GO, so it's just a matter of time before we all get one. Demand won't be 9000/yr every year. It would be nice to hear a plan from Dodge letting us know they are going to take care of us.
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