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Finally Got My Weld Wheels and Beadlocks In!

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After waiting several months plus I finally received my custom Weld RT-S 3-piece forged S80 Wheels in, a 20x8 front and a 20x11 Beadlock rear. Had the rear 315/50R17 ET Street R tires mounted up right before I left for vacation in Florida and did not have a chance to get them on the car until yesterday. The 20x8 fronts came in while I was gone and they will get mounted up with the Mickey Thompson Pro Comps tomorrow. Here is how the rears look mounted up below as well as the front wheels out of the box. Driving with just the rears on yesterday was amazing. Have them aired to 25 lbs and they absolutely hook and book! Even on the unprepped street the increase in rear grip is tremendous. Once you get rolling you can lay into it much harder and faster and there is little to no wheel spin even with 950 rear wheel horsepower. Weld hit it out of the park with this new design IMO. The machining is excellent on every part of the wheels. They really have some clean edges and an impressive design on the centers with lots of multiple-depth machine work. This Friday I will be going to Kentucky Dragway for test and tune. I will post results here hopefully on Saturday.
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Looks Sweet, my S71s should be here tomorrow, can't wait to see how they perform at the track.

I do wish they would eliminate all the shiny writing and what not on the outer lip, is a bit much for my tastes, I may end up painting/dipping that part out.
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I Run Welds now with MT ETRs and run consistent 10.2s but am noticing more and more wheel slip in the tire so decided to give the beadlocks a try, hopefully they will make up for the increased weight.
I have 17x10s with Mt EtRs 305/45/17 on back, and Weld 20x5 w 175/55/20 s up front, the skinnies were worth a 1-1.5 tenths in quarter in like conditions, would have been a little more if they had weighed in at the 19lbs advertised not the 25lbs delivered.

All the info you need is in this thread,
Cool! I will look forward to seeing your new Weld S71's tomorrow or whenever you get the chance to post some pics of them. Wait till you see them in person, I would venture to guess that you will be as impressed as I was with the overall quality and machining of these 3-piece forged wheels. I own a lot of custom wheels between the 5 sets I have for my Redeye and the 2 sets I have for the Jaguar F Type SVR I own and these new Welds are as high-quality as any of them. I will go ahead and warn you, the back edges of my new wheels are very sharp in places, so wear protective gloves if you are grabbing the spokes to mount them on the car. My pinkie finger paid the price to learn this lesson!
Thanks for the tip, will be careful, and deburr them if there are any.

And again good luck with your cat it looks great.
No Burrs found 😁

They do look pretty nice, will probably still black out lip writing through, have to see if it grows in me, lol
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Ahh ok still the rear entry cup style cap.
I'll posts some pics tomorrow of the Center caps for the new this year 20x5s, very high quality with a bit of heft to them that snap fit on from the front.
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