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Hello everyone! I have been reading and reviewing posts for over a year now and I finally signed up. I used to own a 2012 392 Challenger and ended up selling it years back. I started saving after that point for the next car and after 6 months of looking, I found a white 2016 Challenger Hellcat in manual. I flew out to Chicago the same day that I found it in May, picked it up, and could not be happier.

In addition to saying hi, I just wanted to thank everyone here for all of the information that has been posted over the last year. It helped me a ton while researching and locating a used Hellcat. It also made me aware of the dreaded Supercharger bearings issue and how to identify. I found out that my hellcat had the issue during the buying process while listening to the supercharger/motor at idle. Luckily, I had 2 months left on the warranty and my local Dodge dealership committed to replacing it under warranty.

More than anything, this is a thank you post to everyone on the forum for generally being helpful and all of the information already posted. Some pics below!
Tire Vehicle registration plate Wheel Sky Vehicle

Tire Sky Vehicle registration plate Wheel Automotive tail & brake light

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Great to hear someone actually used the site for research rather than just joining and asking stupid questions like “what tire is best”. That research saved you a bunch of $! Good job!

And white is definitely underrated.

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Lookin good
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