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Fitment Check? Please?

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I'm on the road, would anyone PLEASE, if its low effort and convenient, see if a 18" challenger spec wheel will fit in the rear only over the hellcat brembos and control arms? I know a lot of guys went from previous challengers or are in the business so I thought it might be possible at least. Please don't put yourselves out.

I'd like to get a taller sidewall in there for drag radials and can run a 305 45 r18 (28.8" tall vs 28.3 for 305 35 R20 but 2.3" taller sidewall)

I know the fronts wont fit, but will they fit in the rear? I'm not worried about a .5" rake.

The obsession for wider tires is almost all about handing (lateral traction). Linear traction is about footprint and a taller tire is on the menu if at all possible.
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Too sexy
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