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Flat Tire?

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Anybody ever have a flat in their Hellcat yet, and have to use the factory inflator kit? Just wondering how well they work and how reliable they may be. I am old school and still did not like the fact that I'm driving around with no actual spare tire. I have heard they may work for a very small puncture, but anything too large and you are SOL. Also, if you had no cell reception to call for help, with the SOS button in the mirror work? I had heard that runs off of GPS. Thanks!
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I had a flat (screw in tire) at 800 miles. Luckily it was in my garage. I didn't use the factory tire kit, I'm sure Dodge wants a fortune to replace it once it's used. I just plugged it myself & bought a new tire. It was about a month before my run at the airstrip & I wasn't taking any chances on a repaired tire, professional or not.

It's not too bad. The thing operates as a reusable air compressor with the one-time use sealant canister. You can buy canister refills for $45.
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