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Flat Tire?

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Anybody ever have a flat in their Hellcat yet, and have to use the factory inflator kit? Just wondering how well they work and how reliable they may be. I am old school and still did not like the fact that I'm driving around with no actual spare tire. I have heard they may work for a very small puncture, but anything too large and you are SOL. Also, if you had no cell reception to call for help, with the SOS button in the mirror work? I had heard that runs off of GPS. Thanks!
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My 2018 Hellcat's driver side rear tire picked up a nail or something. Got a low tire warning light at a stop light. Called up the tire pressure display and sure enough the driver side rear tire was low.

Long story short as soon as the light changed I made for a parking lot and picked a space that would allow the flat bed tow truck operating plenty of room to pick up the car if it came to that.

Got out the tire kit. Followed instructions and in about 15 minutes the tire was holding air and inflated to around 40psi. I wanted "extra" air in case the goop didn't stop the leak.

But it apparently did for I made it -- admittedly just 4+ miles away -- to the nearest dealer with the tire holding pressure all the way. Once at the dealer I had both rear tires replaced. This because the tires had too many miles, too much tread wear difference.

While waiting for the car I went to the parts counter and bought a replacement canister of tire sealant.
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