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Forgestar D5's

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Hello all. Can anyone tell me if I need hubcentric rings for the front & rear wheels? I mounted the tires but a friend mentioned I might need rings before I can put them on my car. I did a search but didn't see a clear answer.

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Forgestar wheels are designed to be hub centric and use conical lugs. Our cars have a 71.5mm hub bore. If your wheels aren't the same then yes, you need to use centering rings.

This page mentions you might need centering rings.

The "Bespoke Fitment Chart" lower on this page shows that for the 5x115 D5s (18x5 and 17x10) listed as for Dodge, they have a 78mm hub--thus they'd definitely need a centering ring to make up the difference.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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