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Forum Members Can't Get Hellcats, Check out Motocross Hellcats

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If the beginning isn't enough. Fast forward to 27 minutes in. Unbelievable

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the viper was a press car, SRT has plenty of press cars to hand out. Infact they've been super generous with hellcat press cars, even the smallest independent reviewers got their hands on them.
I think the people that ordered on 9/9 should have started there own independent review company?
What sucks is, Dodge won't build the sold cars, but they will " dirt track, and motocross" them. I don't know TigWelder, but I'm pretty sure if anyone deserves a Cat, its that dude. Pretty hard to watch that knowing, he can't get one, and these dudes are out F'n them up
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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