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Found some more dealer installed damage.

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Nice going guys.

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Yeah a plate will hide it, it's not a super big deal just the fact that they screw plates on like animals.

I probably will buy that piece of stripe and have the PPF place apply it when I go back for some other work though, I think it's around $50 for that piece of stripe.
Dealers give you’re car to tje 16 year old kid in the back to clean up. That’s what happens!

My car was delivered with swirls as well..................
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now that I think about it I'm glad I had the stripes. If those Neanderthals screwed in that bracket without the stripes my paint would definitely have a nice scratch in the clear coat from that sharp cheesy dealer frame they put on.

At least my stripes protected the paint!
Do you find that your stripes collect a lot of dust and dirt?
Only had tje car for a week so couldnt say yet
Mine are gunmetal that are actually cleaner than the car most of the time!
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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