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Front door speakers. Harmon

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The door speakers, are they only for bass? Because I dont hear anything but muffled music. This is my 18 charger.Bare with me I don't know if I was supposed to ask in this section. Thanks all :)
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Should be getting mid sound from them, vocals/mid bass, not be muffled. Not positive on how Dodge set the x-over on them, but they should be playing some where between 60hz and 5000hz or to their natural high frequency curve. Have you looked to see where the EQ settings are? Maybe treble is set really low.
The treble is all the way up, is there a reset of some sort for it, nothing but muffled lows can be heard on every mode.
I'm thinking maybe it is supposed to be this way, when I open the rear doors, its a treble from them. Could it be? I do hear the front door speakers but seems they are the lows and some bass.additional input please so I dont have to waste time going to the svc dept, the radio is no longer under warranty, I just have power train left.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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