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In MA where I live front plate is required. I must have told the dealer at least a dozen times that I didn't want my front bumper drilled (and luckily it wasn't) but in certain situations I do need to have a plate on my car.

On my 2019 Daytona I had the Sto-n-Sho plate and I liked the flexibility. When I traded up to the RedEye I figured I could use the same one and, with few modifications, I got it installed today. Once I get my state inspection sticker the plate will go back in the trunk...

Here's what I did:

First, I changed out the hardware to some smaller stainless steel bolts and added some stick-on padding to the back of the frame.

Motor vehicle Trunk Bumper Hood Automotive design

Vehicle registration plate Automotive exterior Font Material property Red

The bolts attaching the lower trim to the bumper are exactly 7 inches apart. On the mount for the 2019 the bolt holes are about 6 1/2. I widened the holes with a drill bit and mounted the bracket with the stock trim bolts in the stock holes.

Grille Motor vehicle Car White Hood

Car Grille Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Grille Automotive tail & brake light

I decided to put it off-center instead of dead center. I'm sure that will trigger some but I like it. When installed there's just a bit of clearance (this is why there's padding). If I have to keep it on for an extended time I would probably take the padding off to avoid any scratching.

Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Wheel

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle

Final thoughts, I would have bought the more recent version that is made specifically for the widebody but sometimes it's more satisfying to engineer a solution from what you have. If you're looking for one of these mounts check out STO N SHO Removable Quick-Release Front License Plate Bracket

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I don’t dig the off center deal but am a fan of the device. I’ve got one as well. Beautiful car btw…

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I live in NJ where it is mandatory also to have a front plate. I bought the sto n show but never even used it as I just hate the look of the front plate. I don't put the plate on any of my vehicles even my daily Kia Forte GT... never been bothered by the police about it knock on wood. I think it's a small fine you get of they do decide to bug you but it's nothing serious like points.

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Lots of threads on this. I have it on mine too.

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