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Front Strut Brace

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Any recommendations on a strut tower brace similar to the Scott Drake model for the SRT? I like the look and ease of removal.
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First of all I wouldn’t buy anything from SL. Lots of CS complaints over the years. I love my Pettys Garage pieces, I have both front and rear. Welds are beautiful, fit was great, and paint match is right on. Not much more to ask for. If interested in the rear they supply a template for cutting the trunk liner. Others use some bs patch to cover the holes.
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View attachment 587977
Is drilling involved with either, or do they mount to existing factory holes? Could you tell a notable difference after install?
Oh and I like that damn “air grabber” decal!! Source?
@Ace1894 No drilling required. Couldn’t really feel notable improvement as I installed it over the winter hibernation of the car. It comes off the road for a few months during the NY winter.
Thank you! They look very clean!
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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