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Fuel pump

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Hey all, I just had the fuel pump in my 2019 charger hellcat replaced at the dodge dealership. I filled up the tank this morning and got a random whiff of gas inside the car, where is the fuel pump located so I can check the connections? I can't find anything online!
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I still get whiffs of gas every now and then. I'm due for that EVAP canister recall and wonder if that has anything to do with it. The sheet actually says, ".............may be unable to absorb the necessary amount of gasoline vapors during vehicle refueling.......... It is Emissions Recall UB4.
Oh! I wonder if that's what I need! I topped off my tank this morning and that's when I smelled it!
when they replace your pump they should have used a new o-ring sometime they can be a pain if not glued down when putting the lock back on. And also if you had 1/2 or more they could had let some seep out at a 1/2 tank you can unlock the ring and take the hat off without gas coming out
what do you recommend I do? I popped the back seat up and smelled the driver side fuel pump and it smelled like gas from the outside of it..its a bummer that the service department isnt open on sundays and I go out to sea on tuesday for a week..
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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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