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Future Hellcat Handler

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Hello to the Bad Kat world. I'm John living just over the river from St Louis. I know my story isn't new. I ordered back in Sept 14 and my dealer broke the news I now have a vin and a von. The world is good. I'm looking forward to reading all the post from Hellcat owners and future owners like me to keep me from going crazy waiting.
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John, I live in Belleville, where are you? I went to Lou Fusz and dealt with a guy name Brad. They are the premier police outfitter for the st. louis area as well. May be worth calling him up.
Oak Knoll Place off of west main. I think you should try lou fusz in st peters. At least give them a call. meantime, you gotta check the car out.
I'm over by memorial metrolink. How bout you? I checked around and ended up putting my order through South County. Oliver C wanted 10K down with no guarantee. Now it's just waiting for delivery.
Yea, OCJ is off their rocker, i tried them first and walked out shaking my head.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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