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Geigercars Hellcat German review on youtube ?

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Just found this on youtube. Looks like he has 3....


What I thought was interesting was at 2:36. Looks like he's doing a buck and a half and the car is stabile and has more. He also isn't talking all over the vehicle noise at cruise.
Just add it to the those who don't have one YET file.

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With a little luck someone born/raised in Hell, FRG will buy the Sublime next Friday the 13th to add a bit of humor to those graphics
I remember when Marty and I were in Grand Cayman, we went to Hell there. Bought T-shirts printed with, "I have been to Hell and back", and sent everyone back home postcards at Hell's post office so they would have the Hell post mark. All of the people that worked at the little gift shop there kept saying, "How the Hell are you today?", and "What the Hell can I help you with?". I asked one of the ladies there if that ever got old, and she grinned and said, "Hell, no!" It was too much fun! :D

Remember FCA are not exporting any Hellcats to Europe. So all grey imports. The missus was talking about doing a road trip to the South of France when we get the Hellcat. Ten years ago you could pretty much drive as fast as you wanted on the French motorways. On my first trip to Le Mans I was sitting at over one and a half bucks for well over an hour. Those days are long gone. I said lets go to Germany. Then we can stretch it legs. No idea where yet, but I'll work it out.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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