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So far they seem to be in an out-waiting game with Magnuson on their upcoming 3.1L Eaton-lobe blower.
Eaton boasted of a new 3.1L rotor back that boasted great efficiency, etc.
Yet, I have seen nothing from their "partners."
Magnuson: nothing but a short bit here and maybe some teasers elsewhere. Curious what is going on.
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Edelbrock: nothing
Harrop: NOTHING Superchargers | HARROP | Engineering, Superchargers, Brakes, Driveline, Engine, 4WD, Cooling
Roush performance: ROUSH Performance | Ford Crate Engines

Thus far, what McEaton's has been serving is a steaming plate of nothingburgers on the 3.1L supercharger front.

Meanwhile, Whipple has been moving forward in technology, efficiency, and capacity.

This does not look like it is entirely due to the aftermarket guys. It looks like it may be Eaton itself, because the buffet of nothingburgers has to start somewhere.

I postulated the the massive efficiency built into the engineering (from looking at it) of the Whipple may have made people go back to the drawing board so they delayed product launches that the Whipple would have soundly trounced.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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