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I thought I read someplace a bunch of Hellcats were going to be at GLD on Saturday May 16th. Is this still happening?
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Apparently you never staged a car before either:eek:
Cut him sone slack.. It was first time EVER going down the track.. He will get better
No way, turnabout is fair play.
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He is a much better guy in person than on the forum... Lol.. I didnt much like him either until I met him this past Friday.
I'll believe you then, but still I've been staging cars for going on 40 years,
huggytree -You need to learn you p^ss people off with your mouth. You got into my business TWICE posting stuff that was uncalled for so I'm not gonna lay down. All I did was say the truth as there is video evidence to back it up. That being said if StellasHC says you're okay that's good by me shake hands and call it a day like real men;)
Yup, youre a bad
Nah bad dad drag races with 3 in the back but he won
i did a minor drag race against a GN with my 2011 392 and won....didnt get over 60mph....3 kids in the back seat.....TC on.......i think its a bad dad to some degree....but if my kids survive childhood with me just think of the awesome muscle car memories ill have...

tonight when i got on it a bit from a stop sigh the wife said 'i wish other cars werent in front of us so we could just keep going' reply 'to 198mph?'.........ive got a fun wife that isnt afraid of 707hp

im still going to try to see if i can take my wife down the strip the next time i go drag racing....if she signs a waiver like i do i dont see why they care.
No two people in the car at the track
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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