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I thought I read someplace a bunch of Hellcats were going to be at GLD on Saturday May 16th. Is this still happening?
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Got off too late to make it up there last night, how did you guys do? Any videos? Was Doc there? Please share any info.
There should be some video soon.. I think we had 8 or 9 cars... ETs from 10.70 to 12.60s... Dr may have run better. Times werent displayed for spepctators last night. Just going by what I heard from the guys.
Wow that's a lot of cats, thanks for the update, cant wait to see the videos.

thats me above kicking the one in the left lane figuring things out....i got no help from the crew...they knew all of us were new.....i asked how my burnout was..they said that i see it its weak....also didnt know about the 2 staging lights...i figured it out after this run, but its obvious i dont know by this video, yet they dont tell me....

the other car is a M6, im a A8....i won all 4 races...this one was my worst...i think a best was 11.6 and that was with no tire heat up and TC on.....DR buick told me my burnouts were always not enough and thats why my times never improved by doing burnouts.....humidity/air temp was horrible last night too.....i was thrilled with 11.6 being my first run ever....i was shaking for 30 minutes + after the first race....mindblowing how much faster the track feels than the street....i couldnt see where the finish line was, so i kept going until i past the large i was probably 140-150 was fun slowing down quickly.......
Are you running all season or summer tires? Those are good times for a newbie. Motor Trend got 11.6 in the 13 14 GT500 with professional drivers.
Alright guys it's almost time to put our toys away for the long winter, looking to get a nice group of HC's to GLD Saturday, calling for Chicago, lake county, S/E WI HC's to meet up SAT, even if you don't run your car lets just meet up and hang out, I would love to meet more members. This may be the last good racing day for the year, so let's flood GLD with Hellcats!!
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