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I thought I read someplace a bunch of Hellcats were going to be at GLD on Saturday May 16th. Is this still happening?
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The date was actually the 15th, Friday night, but I havent heard anything in a week or so...

I will be going this Wednesday, for sure. Weather looks great...
Got off too late to make it up there last night, how did you guys do? Any videos? Was Doc there? Please share any info.
There should be some video soon.. I think we had 8 or 9 cars... ETs from 10.70 to 12.60s... Dr may have run better. Times werent displayed for spepctators last night. Just going by what I heard from the guys.
Wow that's a lot of cats, thanks for the update, cant wait to see the videos.

More info here...

DrBuick Thanks Staff for Time Off Page 6 SRT Hellcat Forum
Apparently you never staged a car before either:eek:

Cut him sone slack.. It was first time EVER going down the track.. He will get better
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No way, turnabout is fair play.

He is a much better guy in person than on the forum... Lol.. I didnt much like him either until I met him this past Friday.
I talked a couple of times to Chuck who was trying out some 17" Hoosier slicks for the first time.

I had the 2010 great Camaro SS that was cammin'.

Hellcat Challengers look great in that green.

Is Dr Buick the guy who ran in the hat race? Blue one?

Hey John! Good to see you here. I was 1stGM on your Chicagoland. Camaro site. I had the Orange SS with white stripes that ran high 10s and later had the Red Challenger... And yes, Dr Buick is the guy with the lighter blue car.

whenever you guys want to get a group together again to go ill go with...i dont want to go weekly, but a couple times a year would be just right.....did a 0-60 tonight with the wife and 3 kids in the back seat...3.6 guessing it would have been a 3.4 if it were by i a bad Dad? (wife didnt care, it was a open stretch of road w/ no driveways)

Yup, youre a bad
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