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I thought I read someplace a bunch of Hellcats were going to be at GLD on Saturday May 16th. Is this still happening?
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thats me above kicking the one in the left lane figuring things out....i got no help from the crew...they knew all of us were new.....i asked how my burnout was..they said that i see it its weak....also didnt know about the 2 staging lights...i figured it out after this run, but its obvious i dont know by this video, yet they dont tell me....

the other car is a M6, im a A8....i won all 4 races...this one was my worst...i think a best was 11.6 and that was with no tire heat up and TC on.....DR buick told me my burnouts were always not enough and thats why my times never improved by doing burnouts.....humidity/air temp was horrible last night too.....i was thrilled with 11.6 being my first run ever....i was shaking for 30 minutes + after the first race....mindblowing how much faster the track feels than the street....i couldnt see where the finish line was, so i kept going until i past the large i was probably 140-150 was fun slowing down quickly.......
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im running Nitto 555r

Jim----did you use TC ?
did you rev the automatic before launch?
have you been to a track before?

trying to figure out how you got a better time than me with stock tires and a worse 60'(obviously its that your a better driver)----but trying to figure out the math of the 60' and how it didnt seem to matter as much as i thought it would....i would think the lower 60' would mean the best 1/4 time

you did awesome considering the weather
no issues with traction w/o traction control?

how many runs have you taken?

doesnt track- traction control remove everything?? i can see doing sport w/ no TC, but i cant see taking off all the nannies for me....too much of a p*ssy

spinning the tires is one thing....sliding into a wall because of it....naaa i dont trust myself...probably never will.....

did you do the 2 foot method? (i did for 2 of the runs, but did best with just 1 foot)
here are my 2 top slips....i ran with full TC on (street mode) not sure if i will ever use track mode....but i will use sport next time...doesnt track mode take all the nannies off? 1 mistake and your into a wall..

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No worries i can take as much as i dish out. I'm also the same ahole in person as I am here. Ha

And yes i have no idea how to stage a car. I was thrilled with 11.6 for my 1st run ever. Still need lots of work to get low 11's next time

I am blunt and much of what I say is f one around. People take me too serious or don't get the humor. I'm ok of some don't like me either. Your post trying to hurt me only made me tear up a bit though. With a name like huggytree I am obviously over emotional
people piss me off here happens....

i know i irritated a bunch of people when i tell them i dont feel sorry for them for sitting back and waiting for their order that will never come when they should have been actively been looking for a HC since December..........but i speak the truth........

not sure what i said to you, but like i said blunt often and also screwing around often.......

B5 sorry i p*ssed you come here and hug the tree!

when i see that pic i consider that tree to be a phallic symbol by the way
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did my wheels spin? i dont remember if i even took TC off for it......i knew the car moved, but didnt know if the wheels spun or not?

lucky i remembered to put the brake on or it would have been even funnier....(not for me)

yes i was Veeeery nervous....1st burnout/brake stand since i was 18 years old

and you were lucky enough to witness take a video of it if you had one? just to see how bad it looked

that was my worst run of the night by the way......i was so flustered after that i should have just pulled off the track and went back in line
i had 900 miles on mine......most were similar mileage.......someone said it should be 1500 miles before sure when the motor is broke in at 4,000 miles it will help the HP
whenever you guys want to get a group together again to go ill go with...i dont want to go weekly, but a couple times a year would be just right.....did a 0-60 tonight with the wife and 3 kids in the back seat...3.6 guessing it would have been a 3.4 if it were by i a bad Dad? (wife didnt care, it was a open stretch of road w/ no driveways)
i did a minor drag race against a GN with my 2011 392 and won....didnt get over 60mph....3 kids in the back seat.....TC on.......i think its a bad dad to some degree....but if my kids survive childhood with me just think of the awesome muscle car memories ill have...

tonight when i got on it a bit from a stop sigh the wife said 'i wish other cars werent in front of us so we could just keep going' reply 'to 198mph?'.........ive got a fun wife that isnt afraid of 707hp

im still going to try to see if i can take my wife down the strip the next time i go drag racing....if she signs a waiver like i do i dont see why they care.
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